Quarantine Isolation Lockdown Realness

It's real out here. COVID-19 has changed everything we thought we knew about 2020 and what is in store.

Now, our primary individual concerns center around taking preventative measures to slow the global pandemic, with less traveling, continuous washing of hands and sanitizing surfaces, and steering clear of others, whether stranger, familiar, or family.

As a group of Dudes, we're looking to see what we can do as artists to make isolation a little (a lottle) less lonely. Our sponsor also are doing some amazing things. Check it all out!

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A group of friends in one living space - it’s been done before, but never like on PRETTY DUDES. The boundary-breaking and award-winning* digital dramedy created by Chance Calloway is willing to look at race, gender constructs, sexuality, and all intersections of life in a comedic examination of what it is to be a millennial in today's America.

In our first season, meet the "cosmetic genetics;" model Sunji (Yoshi Sudarso), lothario Ellington (Xavier Avila), brusque Jay (Tae Song), gamer Alexander (Kyle Rezzarday), brokenhearted Zario (Bryan Michael Nuñez), and their neighbor Eagle (Olivia Thai). When Zario breaks up with his boyfriend, the Dudes enter a high-stakes bet to find new romantic prospects for him.

PRETTY DUDES exists to show the world the way it truly is, in humor and in heartache, with love despite our differences and hope despite our circumstances. We continue to express, in front of and behind the camera, that we see ourselves best when we dare to see each other.

“...funny...poignant...a truly fleshed out story.” - Instinct Magazine

“...a one a kind web series.” - Black Talent TV

“Trendsetting.” -RIZEUP Magazine

“...incredibly charming, intimate, and fun.” - Queer Fudanshi

“...incredibly provides great storytelling.” - Geeks of Color

“...a lot of heart, a lot of interesting commentary on dating, and [a] lot of fun with some hot, engaging characters.” - Gay Pop Buzz

“easy on the eye in every sense”- queerguru

*“Show of the Year - National Youth Pride Services

“If you love Noah’s Arc, you will enjoy this.” - Shadow and Act

Friends for gay men ... Intersectionality to the max.” - Boomer's Beefcake and Bonding



Spend some time with our award-winning show. In the first season, the Dudes enter a high-stakes bet to find a new man for Zario. In season two, the Dudes conduct a celibacy pact.



Yoshi, Aria, Bryan! Get a closer look at all of your favorite Dudes and learn where you may have seen them before, where you'll see them next, and how you can see more of them now!.


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