The Cards Never Lie


What Comes Next?

Season Upgrades

CAST - This season sees plenty of amazing guest appearances, like Brennan Mejia (Power Rangers Dino Charge), Cedric Jonathan (The Haumana), and Giovannie Espiritu (Dyke Central). Additionally, our leading cast has grown with the addition of Christian Olivo (Insecure), Manny Shih (Apartment 210) and Tiffany Commons (This is Us).

WRITERS - Christopher Edelen and Got 2B Real creator Andrea Lee join Chance Calloway (Pretty Dudes first season) in the writers room, crafting gut-busting laughs and heart-wrenching drama.

DIRECTORS - This season sees the addition of accomplished industry veterans who are working behind the lens. Gerry Maravilla (Cross, Desert) takes the reigns on our Thanksgiving episode. Heather Matarazzo (Welcome to the Dollhouse, The Princess Diaries) directs an episode centered on the growing friendship between two of the titular Dudes. Stanley Wong (21 Jump Street, The Big Short) helms an episode centered on everyone's favorite lug nut, Sunji Spencer.


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